08 07 | 2012

Songbook-Client 0.7.7

Written by Crep

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Here is the release 0.7.7 for the Songbook-Client that brings the following updates:

  • support songbook options between braces
  • support for fields "original song" and "artist website"
  • the cover of the song can now be removed
  • correct edit freeze after find/replace all (thx Lohrun!)
  • LaTeX logs are flushed when starting a new pdf build
  • opening an already opened song switches to the corresponding tab (instead of making a duplicated tab)
  • the completer menu for macros has been rewritten and should now work (at last!)
  • turning spellchecking on doesn't set the song as modified anymore
  • tabs can be opened/closed with mouse middle click
  • bug fixes for songbook templates in preferences

Note that the release 0.7.6 did not happen because of a last minute bug ;)

17 06 | 2012

Songbook-Client 0.7.5

Written by Crep

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There is also a new bugfix release 0.7.5 of the songbook-client (thanks to Lohrun and Znoug) :

  • build pdf action is disabled if the library is empty
  • a warning message with instructions appears if pdflatex and/or python are not installed
  • some tooltips were not correctly drawn
  • check the number of strings when adding a new diagram
  • fix crash when saving an empty song
  • fix first character not drawn in editor
  • fix default value for the number of columns
  • spellchecking suggestions are only proposed when spellchecking is active

Here it is, have a good day

02 06 | 2012

Songbook-Client 0.7.4

Written by Crep

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The songbook-client hits version 0.7.4. This is the forth bugfix release.

Should be corrected:

  • fix last diagram that was not taken into account for new songs
  • fix crash when trying to enable spellchecking without a valid hunspell dictionary
  • fix crash when aborting the download of a new library
  • fix new duplicated cover files
  • fix some LaTeX characters disappearing when saving a song

Songbook-Client 0.7.4 is available for Ubuntu and Windows. Debian packages (thx Lohrun) and MacOS dmg (thx Olivier) have been updated to 0.7.3 (0.7.4 coming soon)

26 05 | 2012

Songbook-Client 0.7.3

Written by Crep

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Updates to the Songbook-Client have been released. The version 0.7.3 is now available.

Diagram editor

Fixed bugs

  • instrument not restored
  • add option to indicate important diagrams
  • correct diagrams tooltips after modification
  • correct display with flat symbols
  • fix transposition with negative values
  • fix bugs when removing ukulele diagrams

New features

  • check when editing strings: only figures and the X letter can be set. This should avoid common mistakes such as O instead of 0 or lowercase x instead of uppercase X.
  • tooltips for capo/columns/transposition icons
  • reduced diagrams height
  • new background color for diagrams according to their instrument
  • diagrams can be removed by hitting delete key

Song editor

Fixed bugs

  • global indentation on save is disabled: vastly improve stability and cpu usage
  • indenting multi-lines was removing characters
  • selection in the library was lost when saving a song
  • macro completion menu was not inserting the correct value in some cases


  • spellchecker suggests proposition from context menu
  • indenting the selection is now a single action (single undo instead of undoing each line)
  • new environment repeatedchords for macro completer
  • comment/uncomment selection from context menu


  • Windows: the main window is not resized after closing the preferences dialog
  • Windows: fix performance issue for displaying dialogs
  • Windows: fix drag'n drop for album covers
  • don't overwrite images files
  • new shortcuts for the library:
    • CTRL+SHIFT+N start a new song
    • CTRL+B build the pdf
    • CTRL+C clean temporary files
  • add github link to report issues
  • remove useless menu entry Display/Adjust columns
  • link to the documentation is based on the locale of the application
  • add keywords ifchorded, iflyrics and fi for syntax highlighting
15 05 | 2012

Songbook-Client 0.7

Written by Crep

Classified in : News

I'm really glad to announce the version 0.7 of the Songbook-Client! A lot of new features have found their way in this version :)

Most of the changes are related to the song editor. Here are some highlights for the most visible updates.

Graphical editor for metadata

No doubt, this is the biggest change and you can't possibly miss it! The metadata of songs are seamlessly handled by the editor ie title, artist name, album, cover, diagrams etc. Here is a screenshot:

new-song song-editor
  • the cover can be dropped from an external image file
  • the icon with two arrows corresponds to the \transpose macro for chord transposition (see tooltips for more info)
  • LaTeX environnements (verse, chorus, bridge, scripture) have their own background color (that may be disabled in the preferences dialog)


The song editor now support spell-checking via hunspell library (widely used in projects such as Firefox, Chrome or LibreOffice). The appropriate dictionary is loaded based on the language of the song. Unfortunately, inline chords tend to produce a lot of false positives.


Query replace

A new button in the toolbar provides find/replace all features. The dialog ui is functional but will be improved following gedit's for the next version.


Completion menu for macros

Just hit Ctrl+space to popup the menu and pickup the macro you want :) Huge user-friendly improvement !

Diagram editor

Diagrams can be edited via a dedicated dialog. Here is a screenshot:


Cancel progress bars

A new button has been added to progress bars to cancel the current process:


Library download

A few tweaks for this dialog displaying download speed and received bytes. Note that a mirror url allows one to download the library from patacrep's archive (songbook.tar.gz) (the git snapshot is still available)


And of course, there is a lot of smaller changes and bug fixes. Congrats to Lohrun for its design and code for the song editor (and Debian packages too!) ! Kudos !

Downloads are available here as usual. Finaly, the Songbook-Client now has its own PPA for Ubuntu:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:romain-goffe/patacrep $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo apt-get install songbook-client

I really hope there won't be too many bugs (edit: well, it seems there was a huge amount of them :/)/

That's all folks!

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